Secret codes have been used for thousands of years. In Austin and the Secret of Karnak House, Professor Pimlico sends an urgent message to Bill, Mike and Wendy using a secret code. Now you can send secret messages to your friends using the code generator below.

Coded messages need a Cipher Key. You can type in your own (any word or phrase), or the generator will Generate one automatically for you. Type your message in the Plain Text (green box) and then press Encrypt. The coded version of your message will be displayed in the cipher text (pink box). You can press select below this box and copy the coded message to email your friends. They can then use the code generator to decipher your message back into Plain text by pasting the code into the pink box and pressing Decrypt. They will, of course, need the Key from the yellow Key box. Without it, it's highly unlikely they will ever find out the meaning of your message.


 Text    Hexadecimal        

Plain Text

Encoding:   Codegroup    Hexadecimal    Base 64

Cipher Text


You can find out more about secret war codes by visiting the Bletchley Park website.


by John Walker
December, 2005
This document is in the public domain.